Posted: Jan 16, 2022 12:34 pm
by hackenslash
Jesus Is Lord wrote:You still haven't explained how I'm a bigot.

I rather think I have. Describing lefties as loonies is bigotry. The term 'loonies' is ableist and is, all on its own, bigotry.

Do you think you could do that without childishly resorting to swearing

Childishly resorting to swearing? You think that's more childish than the utterly fucking asinine notion that arbitrary combinations have some sort of fucking power? Grow the fuck up, and welcome to Rule #3.

or acting like a tough guy on the internet?

I'm not acting like anything. I don't act. I'm informing you of how things are.

I mean, since you've taken us us off topic already.

No, you did that with your puerile appeal to your butthurt feelings.