Posted: Apr 29, 2022 10:55 pm
by hackenslash
A bit of memetic fun, not unrelated. I was looking for something for a meme and got distracted by a really cute photo of a face, except...


So, it turns out this is the larva of a crane fly, family Tupilidae. I'd hoped to get some really specific information (time, place, any other info) to share so I could get a species designation, and I've emailed the photographer to see if I can pin some of it down, but there are approximately 14,000 species to choose from. Indeed, the is the largest family of Diptera, the true flies.

The other point is that this isn't its face, it's its ass. The 'eyes' are in fact spiracles.

So, just another example of how, with a little pareidolia, you can make a complete ass of yourself.