Posted: May 31, 2022 12:11 pm
by Chief Engineer
As a long term Atheist I have decided that for me real evil exists in this world, Not the pure evil mythologies use for teaching fear to children. Real behavior by my fellow humans.

My Traditional favorite true Evil;

Cigarette Executives: These SOB's watched the evidence mount that lighting fire to a stick, then sucking the products of combustion into your lungs killed people. They made this product of combustion as addictive as they could, and then moved their profit machine to less educated markets as their traditional market areas came to know they were being killed. It was my hope that these evil people died as slowly as possible from the poison from which they made profits. ( mean I know )

My Up & coming Evil:

People who feign sorrow about mass killing events, but change laws for more guns.* The glee which these evil humans display while removing gun restrictions proves the falsehood of their sorrow at the death this proliferation of deadly weapons has caused. I don't know what my mean wish is on these people, death by assault rifle is too quick, so i have to think harder....

I could name other evil in this world, but these two "intrigue" my distinction between wrong, a simple mistake, or just our connection to chimp like behaviors, These two rise out of that fog to show themselves as simple Evil, something a thinking human should see & correct.

This solidified in my primate brain as I watched Abbot's face when signing gun legislation, then his response to 19 children's lives ended. Evil exists, and it is on display in this man.

*Edited for clarity.