Posted: May 31, 2022 11:18 pm
by Macdoc
I think there's still room to argue this particular point. Let's take fossil fuel industries for example. They could, hypothetically, transition to greener methods of energy production; however, such transitions are naturally costly, and seeing as these alternative methods of energy production haven't been as heavily invested in as fossil fuels have, such companies would bare the brunt of infrastructure costs as well as innovating better methods of generating and utilizing such energy. That's a real hard sell to make, y'know?

You legislate it ....just as with polluting drinking water has governing legislation. It worked with CFCs ( mostly ) and with NO2 ( acid rain ).

when they knew harm was being done by emmissions( nearly 50 years ago ) and chose to conceal it that is actionable ...same as Big Tobacco and even Dupont and Teflon. ... upont.html ( good movie to watch ).

That govs fail to take action when harmful practice is uncovered is another topic entirely.
OP portrays "evil" in biblical terms like "Truth"'s human behaving badly and various levels of human institutions and even individuals wage war against those humans "acting out" with greater or lesser success......see Russia/Ukraine.

Are despicable acts committed every day at all levels?? you betcha evil an "entity"??? nah. :coffee: