Posted: Dec 17, 2022 12:36 am
by Spearthrower
The_Metatron wrote:On reflection, I wasn’t really tasked to do that much in that time. No new job, no school to attend, not much that needed the full power of my wits. Based on that, I sure wouldn’t recommend using it like I did if you have to do learning intensive activities.

My two main jobs have weed-appropriate parts, and weed-entirely-inappropriate tasks.

When I am doing creative pre-production on a movie or series project, the pure creative stuff, the digging for treasure, linking emotions, motivations, themes etc. - there's no more powerful reagent than a couple of tokes on a joint.

But when I am doing a final write-up and precision and clarity are the order of the day, then weed's not going to help at all, just make me wander off somewhere that's probably fun but about as comprehensible as Paul (no, that's not true... I expect I'd need to take a damn sight more than weed to achieve that).

The same goes on the teaching side. While I am developing and preparing my courses, weed gives me those connections that help draw all the elements of the course together, gives me insight into what needs to be delved into and explained and how to present that, and causes me to spend an extra hour or so preparing finding pretty pictures to aid the visual stimulation to keep people's attention.

But when it comes to presenting the class in front of students, I am definitely not going to be high then as I will inevitably just yammer off into endless side-tracks and probably cause more confusion than clarity. Even having smoked the night before a morning class can cause that, so I normally avoid it.

Overall, I smoke about 1.5 grams a day of 20%+ THC - I can't say if I function 'normally' because this is normal for me, and aside from that dry spell a couple of years back, it's how I've always been! :)