Posted: Aug 23, 2010 10:13 pm
by Tea volution
Oh dear, I lol'd again. No choice but to play along now.

chairman bill wrote: I've spoken to several well-known posters on RatSkep about this matter,
Appeal to authority

chairman bill wrote:and they all agree that you're talking shit, and what is more, that talking shit is just like you.
Unverifiable statistics, ad hominem

chairman bill wrote: Also, suggesting that people use the straw man argument in that way is nonsense; it is simply not how we do it here.
False dichotomy

chairman bill wrote:So tell us, when did you intend to admit that this thread is simply presented as a means of shit-stirring?
Begging the question

chairman bill wrote:Maybe you're a troll, maybe you're not, but either you are or you're deliberately acting as if you are one, which makes you a troll anyway.
False dichotomy, ad hominem

chairman bill wrote:But I'm sure you'll deny it; trolls always do.
Unverifiable statistics

chairman bill wrote: And no, I'm not going to litter this post with fucking smiley faces

chairman bill wrote:- they're called emoticons for a reason; so people like you can accuse us of getting over emotional about things.
Non-sequiter, ad hominem