Posted: Sep 29, 2010 10:16 pm
by andyx1205
j.mills wrote:
andyx1205 wrote:Speaking of physics, I was quite surprised that Isaac Newton, despite being a genius that came up with many laws by the age of "26," died a virgin.

:scratch: Why "26" and not just 26?

Anyway, what with biblical studies, calculus, optics, gravity, alchemy, petty rivalries, running the Royal Mint, eksetra, he was perhaps a tad busy for 'the other'. :dopey:

I was simply highlighting the fact that he accomplished so much, and was imo the greatest physicist we have yet to have (with the second being Einstein), at the age of 26. He invented calculus on a fricking bet with a friend in only two months.

He wasn't deformed or anything either, which is why I was surprised that he died a virgin. From the paintings I've seen of him, he looked like a decent-looking guy.