Posted: Jan 16, 2011 2:56 pm
by NineOneFour
Varangian wrote:
Sgt Kelly wrote:Didn't the movie 'Der Untergang' get into trouble in Germany because it portrayed Hitler as too human ?

Yup. People wanting the raving, carpet-chewing monster Hollywood Hitler were put off when he was shown as a considerate boss, and with the frailties of humans. The famous rant scene, plus some (genuine) lines about the necessity of his deeds, makes the effect all the more chilling, though - here's a man who can appear kind, and in the next second saying things like that the German race doesn't deserve to survive if it is overwhelmed by subhumans. The movie is excellent.

I imagine in all honesty that was closer to the real Hitler. In Hitler's table talk, he's sitting around chatting and telling jokes. You want creepy, that's creepy.

Human monsters are rarely 100% monstrous - otherwise no one would follow them. The monsters also always believe that the Other Guys are the monsters and they themselves are only doing what is necessary/right/God-willed, etc.