Posted: Jan 16, 2011 9:03 pm
by NineOneFour
Skinny Puppy wrote:As a side note: I was asked by a professor if Stalin and Hitler had actually done anything good.

It was a bit of an odd question and I was hard pressed for an answer.

Many like to assume Hitler was a lunatic and feeble minded. History proves otherwise. It’s difficult to be objective because if anyone says anything positive about him, they’re assumed to be a neo-Nazi or that they secretly admire him.

History must be objective, and above all, honest. Even a man like Hitler needs to be studied with an open mind. To dismiss him as an idiot is not dong history, it’s character assassination based upon feelings, not truth.

The museum, while acknowledging the tragedy that over 50 million people died during World War 2, retains its non-biased status by refraining from making political judgments of any sort. Neither does it make the standard, uninformative, and cliched historical judgement that the victor of the war was "good" and that the loser of the war was "bad." Instead, all materials and resources are provided as a documentation of the time period and as scholastic resources with notes for clarification. No biased judgments, slanderous labels or childish name calling exist here as they do in most of the writings on this topic.

To 914:
Excellent post topic and picture. :thumbup: I’ve looked at that picture over and over again, There’s no way to describe it but… weird!

I thought I’d know Hitler to see him had I lived during that time, I would have bet money on it. Without the moustache however, I would have walked past him on the street totally unaware who he was. I’ve asked myself, ‘How can such a small feature make such a huge difference?’

I can’t answer that, but it’s eerie how that would almost grant him anonymity in a crowd.

Hitler helped build the autobahn, and therefore is indirectly responsible for the US Interstate Highway System.

No, really.