Posted: Mar 19, 2010 6:14 pm
by obscured by clouds
Not my ideology, but when thinking about the reality of our government, from the Feds to States (local governments) and who can do what... here are my top thoughts on the reform of Marijuana Laws, in a simplistic-it's-Friday type of thoughts. ;)

1. 18 to legally possess/consume. (I've thought this since I was kid)
2. Growing for personal use. No more needs to be said.
3. No operating vehicles and such while under the influence, limits would be set similar to alcohol. Companies have rights to terminate people under the influence, as with alcohol....
4. Selling Marijuana is the same as selling alcohol or any substance that a human will put into there body and will conform to similar products for consumption, and would be under the federal government and States to regulate, interstate commence, import/export, FDA, Taxes, License....Even regulating THC content as with alcohol content.
5. Health and safety, mandated warnings on Marijuana products.

1. Fine fine fine, left to local governments to figure out. No jail time. Not a federal crime. Adults providing Marijuana to minors will be fined fined fined! However (see number 6 the dick head clause) as with alcohol if other issues arise, rape, murder, manslaughter, as with alcohol, you can be held responsible. Again open to States with federal guidelines. And let's not forget civil court! (see number 5)
2. None.
3. Same as alcohol laws or there about...with federal guidelines for the states...again open to states. However incident that do not result in personal injury or property damage will not be subjugated to jail time.
4. Marijuana is a product and therefore will conform to other products that are made/sold illegally. It's open to regulation as the FDA sees fit and every other federal agency and will have their say. Fines and jail time, as well as possible federal chargers for violations.
5. As with anything...people can sue and go through civil court for health related issues. Yay for the lawyers. :roll:
6. The dick head clause, other crimes committed with a direct link to my Marijuana Laws will have the book throw Seriously I am open to very harsh punishments....

Again there would be much I disagree with the above, but the reality of regulation makes it hard to think outside of the box.