Posted: Mar 19, 2010 9:31 pm
by obscured by clouds
King David wrote:I think commercial sale of cannabis should be completely legalized and taxed. I also thing that growing small amounts for personal use should be legalized. Simply decriminalizing small amounts won't work, since the supply chain would still be in the hands of organized criminals. If we legalize it we could cut a huge chunk of the deficit and increase funding to education and science, save even more money and manpower by not having to house millions of nonviolent drug offenders, and use law enforcement for what it was meant for, to protect and serve, instead of arresting people for their recreational preferences. The Mexican drug cartels would take a huge economic beating and would likely fall by the wayside with a huge chunk of the illegal drug market cut out from under them, reducing violence and border tensions. Not to mention the obvious reason, that people should have the right to drink or smoke whatever they want as long as they are not driving or otherwise putting other lives in imminent danger in the process. I can see no downsides to legalizing cannabis.

Correct. Any solution will have to figure in the profit angle. Something that our politicians do not understand. It is because of the war on drugs that make it profitable. Drug cartels do not want legalization. Our government is making it profitable for drug cartels to do business. You want to make the drug cartels and criminals even more money, put our army on the border and you will see profits skyrocket as well as crime and all the shit that is associated with the drug trafficking black market.

The only way to free ourselves of all that BS, is to under cut them. Make it so there is no profit. And legalization is the only way you can assure that end. No one is going to go through all the BS to make no money. This will start at the drug cartels all the way down to the street dealer.