Posted: Dec 27, 2012 7:58 pm
by Weaver
Atheistoclast wrote:
Weaver wrote:Uh - no.

That's not how it works, you see. You aren't debating yourself - you can't simply put up something you think is interesting or good, then declare victory and refuse to engage in discussion.

Who says I am refusing to engage?

You are the one saying you're not going to continue in the discussion ...

Atheistoclast wrote:
Rumraket wrote:
lol, a report from 1983, completely unrelated to the subject of decay-rate constancy, speaking only about methodological issues in determining initial isotope contents in specific basalts from a specific area.

I see what you mean with tickling to death, I'm laughing alright. :lol:

We already settled the decay-rate issue. It has been demonstrated that they do vary. Now we have moved onto isotope proportions.

I am merely showing how isotopic concentrations can be altered other than through decay just as I pointed out that decay rates can vary. Maybe the dinosaurs were killed off by a blast of radioactivity as well as an asteroid.
You haven't shown shit yet. You've just asserted, then refused to discuss.