Posted: Aug 15, 2013 7:33 pm
by theropod
stevebee92653 wrote:
theropod said:
Tell us.

Remember my discussion on groupthink? I can't imagine in any other venue where people communicate in plural pronouns. It's unique to evolution. "WE" think. Tell "US" "WE" understand that....
It's a clue about what evolution does to people. It removes their ability to think independently and objectively; to be skeptical and question. If you were truly all skeptics, you would not only question religion, but you would question evolution as well. But you don't and cannot as long as you think in groups.

Your lack of ability to imagine things has been documented well before now. How, exactly, is that my problem?

We Americans don't like terrorists, and we Arkansas love the Razorbacks, and we liberals don't like anti-abortion laws that limit a woman's rights, and we dentists don't like tooth decay, and we skeptics don't like trollish bullshit.

See how utter wrong your lack of imagination can make your assertions?

It seems you only intent for posting here is to rile up folks.

I have questioned evolution more times than you have typed the word. That, sir, is the fucking point of research in the biological sciences. Too bad all your alleged formal education didn't expose you to this glaring fact.

Go on, Steve, keep presenting the image of an absolute Goober. It's posts like yours that make US ALL giggle from time to time. It's a morbid laugh though, and many of US regret laughing at such sadness.