Posted: Aug 15, 2013 7:54 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
stevebee92653 wrote:"Oh, it's Ray Lyingtwat Comfort? Well, here's a man who's entire livelihood has been built on deliberately lying, quotemining and misrepesenting."-rumraket
Oh it's Ray Comfort. Why would any serious biologist bother with someone as far up his own arse as this dickhead? Calilasseia

They are perfectly accurate, if somewhat explicit depictions of Ray Comfort.

stevebee92653 wrote:Why would anyone bother writing such stuff, theropod?

To point out how dishonest Ray Comfort is.

stevebee92653 wrote:The "skeptics" demean their own credibility.

Keep mindlessly asserting that ad-nauseam and I'm sure it'll magically become true. :nono:

stevebee92653 wrote:Why not discuss intelligently and thoughtfully.

Why not check all posts made by the posters you quoted? Because you clearly haven't otherwise you'd know they offer quite intelligent and thoughtful posts.

stevebee92653 wrote:I haven't been here for six months, but I had a feeling my book cover would wind up here, and of course I had to take a peek; to see what the "skeptics" would have to say. I wasn't disappointed. The reaction falls right in line with these "comments".

Ah how wonderful it must be to simply dodge and twist, all the while spouting ludicrous ad-hominems about your opponents. :yuk: