Posted: Aug 16, 2013 6:32 pm
by lucek
stevebee92653 wrote:Oldskeptic, you obviously have no absolute idea what Einstein's theory on the relationship between time and speed between an observer and the observed is, now do you. It would be a fascinating thing for you to learn, and by jove, the story is in my book! You're in luck! You will also learn many things you obviously don't know about, like protein synthesis, the formation of the universe, what might or might not have happened with the advent of the first proto cells. It would be a wonderful buy for you. I highly recommend it. Only 15 bucks!

So $15 for a vanity press book that essentially is going to be a rehash of every creationist argument but written by someone I can barely stand to read on this forum. I'll pass. Just doing some research, By chance is this book of yours paperback 84 pages and from Lulu?

But whatever moving on again as you have chosen to pass on my last request maybe you'd like to discus what the first protocells possibly looked like and about their possible predecessors?