Posted: Aug 16, 2013 7:03 pm
by stevebee92653
lucek said:
So $15 for a vanity press book that essentially is going to be a rehash of every creationist argument but written by someone I can barely stand to read on this forum. I'll pass. Just doing some research, By chance is this book of yours paperback 84 pages and from Lulu?


lucek said;
But whatever moving on again as you have chosen to pass on my last request maybe you'd like to discus what the first protocells possibly looked like and about their possible predecessors?

If you have something even remotely interesting to say, I'll check back and respond. Otherwise, the adios sticks. The continual insignificant ragging is such a bore. I actually wrote a book. It's interesting to see how many ratskepers here, you included, who have never written anything except these in you arse comments here, continually rag on something they have never read and have no idea about it's contents, don't you think? I do have three chapters in my book on the beginning of life, protocells, and the beginning of multis. So wachout. I'm pretty much up on your subject choice. If you can barely stand to read my responses, why would you want to continue to torture yourself? Of all of your thread choices, why are you here? Fascinating and puzzling.