Posted: Sep 01, 2013 9:20 am
by Rumraket
ADParker wrote:Well stevebee92653's book is out:

Evo-illusion: Why IID Trumps ID and Evolution. Self published of course.

I note that it has a chapter on Population paradox, which is a hoot on his blog! :lol:

Nothing of any note in the twenty pages available on the Amazon page, just puffed up self-promotion stuff about his "journey to evolutionism and then his 'amazing' discovery of the T Rex arms.
And sorry; no indication at all on what this "IID" thing is supposed to mean on the back cover either. Why would anyone buy a book that argues for something without any clue as to what it is arguing for?

Trawling through the index however reveals this:
"ingenious invention and design (IID), 53, 68, 83-84, 109, 111, 185, 251-254, 257"