Posted: Sep 01, 2013 9:34 pm
by lucek
stevebee92653 wrote:There are almost 70 pages posted on Amazon now. Just think, you can read my stuff, and rag on and on about how terrible it is and I am....all for free! :grin: And you don't need to donate the dollar fifty I get for each book sold on Amazon. So the money doesn't go to an evolution blasphemer like me! What a deal. Actually, reading it would be a waste of your time for obvious reasons. But it's there for the taking.

As much as I was fascinated to read either false memories or deliberate misrepresentation of you're own life (You either really think or want us to believe that the idea of something not evolving over 3 million years sprung into your head when you read a placard in a museum de novo.) again I've not seen anything new in what I've read.

Now if only you'd crack a real scientific text to 1/10th the amount I did with you're blog hard cover edition.