Posted: Sep 01, 2013 10:22 pm
by ElDiablo
stevebee92653 wrote:

There are almost 70 pages posted on Amazon now. Just think, you can read my stuff, and rag on and on about how terrible it is and I am....all for free! :grin: And you don't need to donate the dollar fifty I get for each book sold on Amazon. So the money doesn't go to an evolution blasphemer like me! What a deal. Actually, reading it would be a waste of your time for obvious reasons. But it's there for the taking.

I thought you said bye to us already.

Kudos for taking the time and putting all those ideas and words together to form a book. No small task, I'm sure.

I read through a bit of it. I had to stop when you talk about the human skin and that evolution should have designed a better skin for extreme climates. I stopped in the way I would have stopped reading a car mechanics book if it advised leaving the engine running while replacing an alternator belt.