Posted: Sep 01, 2013 10:54 pm
by lucek
stevebee92653 wrote:
lucek said:
(you)...want us to believe that the idea of something not evolving over 3 million years sprung into your head when you read a placard in a museum de novo...

I really couldn't care less what you believe about anything lucek. You think little "wolves" evolved into 300,000 lb. whales, and that theropods evolved into hummingbirds and woodpeckers, so that's enough for me.I fully realize there is no cure for what you believe.

This is getting old but learn to use the bloody quote funtion already

In point of fact no I don't. Wales aren't part of carnivora let alone descended from canis lupus. However I do see the evolutionary sequence from diacodexis via pakicetus ambulocetus dorudon etc.

But that is still a complete tangent. The claim that you looked at Sue and thought "If evolution was true how did this not evolve for 3 million years" just sprung in your mind has a few wholes in it. I sit here with no doubt in my mind that you are either mistaken or lying about the origin of that idea (probably the former, memory is like that). I mean the conclusion that the scientist said that T Rex didn't evolve over 3 million years. That takes motivated reasoning. The fact that this argument is common in creationist circles. The fact you admit in your book you at least were exposed to creationism from a young age. All thees things suggest that this might be when you accepted the claim put forward by your peer group but it's hardly at all indicative of you thinking it up.