Posted: Sep 01, 2013 11:51 pm
by theropod
Funny isn't it? Steve claims to be, or has been in the past, a practicing dentist. Doesn't one need far more education than a Masters degree, in the USA, to attain that status? I mean, just to get the license to practice, one must provide evidence of scholastic achievement. It seems everything Steve writes is a bald faced lie.

Oh, BTW, Steve, Hummingbirds are theropod dinosaurs, like it or not. All birds are. Empirical evidence trumps your fucked up lies, and frankly I'm done treating your posts as anything other than the purposeful lies they are. Have any desire to attain a modicum of credibility? Go to THIS thread and at least try to to refute my presentation with something besides lies. I'll understand if you won't, trust me.

Let's see. Isn't there at least one carbon fiber bodied production car? Well, yes there is.


Found after a 5 second Google search.

I know the Chevy Corvette has ALWAYS been a fiber glass bodied car since inception.

Do you ever get tired of having your stupid assertions exposed, or do you see these as even more opportunities to fabricate more lies?