Posted: Sep 02, 2013 12:54 am
by ElDiablo
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There are almost 70 pages posted on Amazon now. Just think, you can read my stuff, and rag on and on about how terrible it is and I am....all for free! :grin: And you don't need to donate the dollar fifty I get for each book sold on Amazon. So the money doesn't go to an evolution blasphemer like me! What a deal. Actually, reading it would be a waste of your time for obvious reasons. But it's there for the taking.

I thought you said bye to us already.

Kudos for taking the time and putting all those ideas and words together to form a book. No small task, I'm sure.

I read through a bit of it. I had to stop when you talk about the human skin and that evolution should have designed a better skin for extreme climates. I stopped in the way I would have stopped reading a car mechanics book if it advised leaving the engine running while replacing an alternator belt.

Thanks for the kudos. I do appreciate it, specially knowing how much you disagree with me. Of course I had to come back for a bit with my book out. Curious to see what the "skeptics" would have to say, since it just was listed on Amazon yesterday. I actually did know what would be said, really. And I wasn't disappointed at all. So after reading a few of these repetitious comments, I will be gone again. For a good while anyway. Your analogy doesn't hold up. Might want to think that one through again. How about 625 car makers making cars, but one of them used cardboard as a body cover instead of metal, like all of the other 625 carmakers use. What do you think?

I'll stick with mine. A car maker may get everything else right but the shell. With my analogy you're wrong from even the most fundamental aspect of alternator repair. If you can't get the basics right, how can you get anything else right?