Posted: Sep 02, 2013 3:21 am
by stevebee92653
tolman wrote:
stevebee92653 wrote:Me? I think randomness can't produce a 625:1 ratio.

This mathematical wisdom is brought to you by the guy who claims there are multiple different types of 'zero'.

Even if that was part of a hopeless attempt to pretend that small numbers he didn't want to exist could be made entirely nonexistent by clumsy handwaving and a sprinkling of finely-ground bullshit, it was pretty funny, as well as pathetic.

Still, I suppose it's a good thing Steve didn't decide to become a nuclear physicist.

I'm fairly sure that 'pretending that small numbers are zero if it seems to make things easier if they are' isn't one of the core skills for that career, and it might even prove to be a bit of a hindrance when someone's trying to work out the timings and control settings for restarting a power station reactor.

If you are going to quote me, do it correctly. If this were reversed, my buddies would be screaming "quote mine" and I would be reported and warned. I never said there was different values of zero. This would get the MODs after you if you weren't on the "right" side. But you are safe. Your first sentence renders the rest of your comment a complete waste of time.