Posted: Sep 02, 2013 3:29 am
by stevebee92653
tolman wrote:
stevebee92653 wrote:There are almost 70 pages posted on Amazon now.

Well, there only seem to be 32 obviously accessible in the preview.

And only 11 of those 32 are actually meaningful, rather than cover, references, etc.

But I guess that's the kind of accuracy we've come to expect.

No, sorry tolman. It goes to page 70. There are a few missing pages, decided by Amazon. Not me, in case you want to try to rag on the missing pages. You may need to log in to Amazon to get the full 70. Amazing how you are able to make immense negatives out of absolutely nothing; mountain out of molehill time. :grin: I'm trying to help you rag on me and my thinking, and you have no appreciation. You should thank me for the free shot instead of being so grumpy. Just think. It's free too? I give it away, and you still complain. I guess I'm just not appreciated here. :confused: