Posted: Sep 02, 2013 3:47 am
by stevebee92653
theropod said:
It seems everything Steve writes is a bald faced lie.

Well, not everything. And not necessarily bald faced.

theropod said:
Oh, BTW, Steve, Hummingbirds are theropod dinosaurs.

Well, that's enough for me. I'll just believe you on this one. Maybe if I say it to myself enough times, I can REALLY believe it. Did you have to do that? Or did you believe immediately?

theropod said:
Let's see. Isn't there at least one carbon fiber bodied production car? Well, yes there is.


I know the Chevy Corvette has ALWAYS been a fiber glass bodied car since inception.
Do you ever get tired of having your stupid assertions exposed, or do you see these as even more opportunities to fabricate more lies?

I was discussing how human type skin appears on only 1 of 625 primate species, remember? Before you post stuff like this, you better make sure it supports your argument. This one supports mine. The fact that one or two major car characteristics, in this case car body materials, out of hundreds of models isn't produced by randomness. It's produced by intelligent decision makers and engineers. Think these out a bit better before you over commit.