Posted: Sep 02, 2013 4:55 am
by ADParker
theropod wrote:Funny isn't it? Steve claims to be, or has been in the past, a practicing dentist. Doesn't one need far more education than a Masters degree, in the USA, to attain that status? I mean, just to get the license to practice, one must provide evidence of scholastic achievement. It seems everything Steve writes is a bald faced lie.

His claim is actually that in the course of obtaining his dentist qualifications; the papers that he took would add up to enough to count as a masters degree in biology.
Total bullshit of course, as the requirements for dental school are not at the "masters" level, it's not enough to just do "so many" papers to amount to a Masters degree equivalent, they have to be at a sufficient level of difficulty as well. :roll: And still it wouldn't mean that he knows a damn about evolutionary biology.