Posted: Sep 02, 2013 11:40 am
by tolman
stevebee92653 wrote:If you are going to quote me, do it correctly. If this were reversed, my buddies would be screaming "quote mine" and I would be reported and warned. I never said there was different values of zero. This would get the MODs after you if you weren't on the "right" side. But you are safe. Your first sentence renders the rest of your comment a complete waste of time.

You have buddies?

You said that:
stevebee92653 wrote:Yes, zero probabilities can have different values.

Which anyone could see is a claim that there are different types of zero, some of which are more zero than others.

stevebee92653 wrote:There are FUCKING levels of FUCKING ZERO chance even though the probabilities of both are exactly the same.

Seemingly saying that though the probabilities are the same (two things are impossible), there are different levels of zero chance, which necessitates different levels of zero.

Now, it did seem that you were mudling up 'mathematics' and 'speculating about what probabilities might have been in some arbitrary alternate scenarios', which is a misuse of mathematics in general and and probability in particular when talking about an actual situation.
Probability is a one-dimensional thing - there are no extra dimensions to deal with things like 'situations which aren't the case but which Steve might like to imagine'.

But when that was pointed out, you seemed to run away rather than addressing it, at which I suspect no-one was in the least surprised.

But then that wasn't long after you wrote bare-faced lies like:
stevebee92653 wrote:There is no such thing as mutations that form any type of healthy organ tissue.

While trying to pretend that existing liver cells are perfect and incapable of any positive (or neutral) mutation.
Classic fuckwitted creationist lying bollocks.

And was only shortly after you asked people to speculate on evolutionary issues, and then dismissed their replies as speculation, which seems like someone who knows they lack the capacity to write responses which don't look stupid or dishonest.
Hardly a qualification for an author, except maybe of knowing pseudoscience like yours.

I'm sure you remember that time - it was near when you got a warning for trolling for your chronic deliberate misuse of the quote function to make your posts more annoying to read and harder to track back to actual sources.