Posted: Sep 10, 2013 11:28 am
by Paul Almond
tolman wrote:
lucek wrote:Just noted something. Steve in his blurb claims
Blume's dad was an author. He wrote The Dark Side of Power, the story of Armand Hammer and Occidental Petroleum, published by Simon & Schuster.
Look up The Dark Side of Power, the story of Armand Hammer and you find that it was written by Carl Blumay, but Steve claims to be Stephen T. Blume (a possiblility. many people change the spelling of their names). So A: Steve's last name is different then his father, B: one of then misspelled their name for their book credit, C; the claim is wrong they are related (possibly counts as fraud and given the text about dear daddy blume libel too). Does bring up the question if the name Stephen T. Blume is just assumed however.

Out of the tiny number of people likely to ever buy the book, are any actually likely to check his genealogy, or to care much about it?

It doesn't seem that writing is that much of an inherited trade, though I guess a parent having written a book might help inspire a child to do the same, whether or not the child actually has the skill and knowledge and self-awareness to do so successfully.

In the case of Carl Blumay and "The Dark Side of Power", the writing career seems to have been an afterthought. The book makes a case that Armand Hammer, who owned Occidental Petroleum, behaved unethically - that he was a monster. However, Carl Blumay was not a writer who just happened to have become interested in this story. Prior to writing the book, he was Armand Hammer's PR manager for 25 years. Rather than describing him as an "author" it might be more accurate to describe him as "a PR manager who did the dirty work for his boss for 25 years, and managed a sophisticated operation - with staff working under him - devoted to portraying an unethical man as ethical, who for his own reasons decided to get revenge after his boss died and wrote a book about how evil his former boss was while avoiding his own responsibilty for his own significant efforts in helping him do it for 25 years".