Posted: Sep 10, 2013 10:45 pm
by ADParker
Shrunk wrote:Steve has a very odd understanding of how the publishing business works, judging by his comment on the Sensuous Curmudgeon:

Regarding the big deal made out of my vanity publishing, the only way to get a first book published is if vanity publishers are used; unless the writer is famous, which I am not, fortunately. When you people who rag on vanity publishing write a book and get it published by Simon and Schuster, then make a big deal. Otherwise you might want to shut it on that one.

That's right, Steve. Every single published author, other than the ones who are already famous, has to first go thru the vanity press before getting his book published by a real publisher. Every single one. :lol:

Except for his father apparently, who he says wrote one book that was not a vanity publication. :think: