Posted: Sep 12, 2013 6:34 pm
by CADman2300
A funny thing about Steve's book is how it so far only has one costumer review. ... nskepti-20
Excellent writing, that provides you with what you need, to make up your own mind about the theory of evolution. Much more readable than many of the Intelligent design books, that are already on the market. A personal story by a person who went all the way from believing in evolution as a fact, to doubting it, and to finally rejecting it. A good read, also for the hard core Darwinist who is interested in learning about the facts that turn people away from evolution.

:think: Funny how it reads more like a sales pitch than an actual review. But if the person who wrote this is just a sock-puppet, we should expect as much.

One person, likely not connected to Steve in any way, had this to say in response to the above. ... hisHelpful
I would take this review with a grain of salt. the author of this book is notorious for creating fake people to prop up his cases as such this person is most likely Steve.

I would also like to point out as I'm writing this tells me that the last book sold is unknown. So he has a 5/5 costumer review on Amazon before he has a costumer on Amazon.