Posted: Feb 25, 2014 7:32 pm
by Rumraket
questioner121 wrote:
Rumraket wrote:

We haven't directly observed a star be born from an interstellar molecular cloud, form a protoplanetary disc, and then die in a giant (super)nova explosion.

We haven't directly observed the formation of a continent, or a mountain range, or the spreading of the plates resulting in the formation of the Atlantic Ocean.

We haven't directly observed the coming and going of ice-ages.


Yes, exactly.. we still know they happened.

I haven't watched you be born by a human woman, but I'm still virtually certain that you were. How can I be that without having directly seen it? Through simple inductive reasoning. Reasonable inferences drawn from falsifiable models and observations of the data in the present.

questioner121 wrote:
Rumraket wrote:Nevertheless, we can be pretty sure that not only did all these events take place, but we also have a pretty good idea how they happened and how some of them are still ongoing processes happening today, even though they are happening more slowly than is perceptible on human lifetimes.

That's what you believe and assume.

No, that's what the best and simplest models that explain the data lead us to conclude.

questioner121 wrote:Forget the above

I won't, you should fucking deal with it.

questioner121 wrote:how about carry out an experiment in the lab with RNA to show that they can become something other than RNA.

Sure, fund my research and I'll do it myself.

questioner121 wrote:Easy experiment now that we have the technology. Question is, would you accept the results if it was proven that RNA never evolved into anything other than RNA.

Yes. How long are you willing to wait? Let's try one million years of continous evolution of RNA polymers in a complex cycling environment similar to one we could have found on the early Earth. You fund it, I report the results. Deal?