Posted: Feb 25, 2014 9:47 pm
by Greyman
questioner121 wrote:
Shrunk wrote:
questioner121 wrote: As I said before you need to look more closely at why certain species cannot reproduce with one another rather than going by "incompatibility due to changes over time".
And what is your understanding for why that is?
I don't know. If you take a look at dogs there are big differences in traits such as size, shape, colour, etc. however it's possible to cross breed them. So in this case the incompatibility in traits such as size, shape, colour, etc. isn't the deciding factor. It's strange that we see a phenomena such as speciation take place and immediately we say this is "natural". Natural in what way? In that we've observe it happen repeatedly? So in order for non believers to accept something supernatural they need to see it just once and then it would be convincing for them. But then obviously they're going to complain that it's not reproducible so it's not testable.
F.Y.I. It is not always possible to cross dog breeds. Beagles and irish setters, for instance, are both family lines that produce big litters, yet when repeated attempts to cross them have been made the results are: mostly no pups with very rare chance of very small litters.

What is happening here? Are beagles and irish setters simply genetically incompatible, or is there some supernatural agent trying to prevent the crossbreeding?