Posted: Feb 25, 2014 10:53 pm
by questioner121
Bribase wrote:
questioner121 wrote:
bert wrote:Cali spent a while on it and created a picture for you, questioner121.

bert wrote:

No, it doesn't.
Remember vitamin C ( ... re=related)? The designer would have put the faulty gene (with the chunk missing) in gorilla's, chimps and humans. Doesn't demonstrate much intelligence.

The ERVs ( are the clincher. (Make sure you understand that video).

Did you understand the video? Any comments?


It's evidence of common design.

Meaning you dont understand the videos.

The vitamin C one. Any reasons why the lack of that trait would dominate a population? Would you not expect some members of the population to retain that trait or maybe for it to return? Shouldn't some of the populations of today have that trait?