Posted: Feb 26, 2014 12:37 am
by Darwinsbulldog
questioner121 wrote:
Calilasseia wrote:
Bullshit. First of all, even insulin doesn't exhibit "common design", because the genes are not identical in most vertebrate lineages. Second, you haven't a clue what genuine evidence for "design" consists of.

EDIT: And as others have pointed out here, why would your asserted "designer" waste effort designing broken genes? Or, for that matter, waste effort littering genomes with dead remnants of viruses, in patterns resembling exactly the patterns that would be expected to arise via evolutionary processes?

Why would the genes have to be identical? The design may be different to take into account of physiological factors. However the function is the same because the living organism "works" in a similar way.

Do you only see one type of house? One type of car? One type of mobile phone? No, they are different yet they are for the same purpose and each one is built up of components which have different designs.

You're putting yourself in the mind of a Creator who you don't have much knowledge about. Only the Creator can know why they do such and such thing, the creation can only wonder.

Look, you obviously believe some things to be true. Fine. If they really are true they should stand up to severe tests-right? So, try and prove yourself wrong. Try to look at biology, evolution and science in general with an open mind. The problem with god, even if he exists, is that he cannot be observed. But nature, or more strictly, natural phenomena can be observed, hypotheses of observations tested, and so on. Do this not for me, for your enemies or friends, but for yourself. Go look.