Posted: Feb 26, 2014 4:35 am
by TMB

You might easily argue that a supernatural and omnipotent designer could set up a process like evolution by natural selection, warts and all, broken genes etc and put it all down to 'working in mysterious ways' and silence all logical criticism. In other words all the evidence and logic for evolution could be laid at the door of a creator. However, there is no evidence for a creator and plenty of evidence to suggest it is a social fabrication to address human existential anxiety> There is also an embarrassing history of theists from ancient times, whose ideas have been disproved and discarded as society has changed and as science has answered questions. In every case religion has been shown to be illogical and factually invalid, and it just gets reinvented in another form. You have no chance of rebutting the detail that is being offered by many posters, especially the stuff from Cali, your lack of logic and knowledge of evolution shows in almost every post. Yet you are still able to subvert your critical faculties time and again to retain the integrity of the original premise. Like, the answer is always God, what is the question?

The same approach applies to all of the proponents of intelligent design and creationism, and the sheer lack of rational support seems overwhelming. Yet still they strive to find rational support for an illogical, faith based position. Why dont you dispense with any pretense of reason and simply say that belief itself is enough, no facts are required and leave at that? At least that way you might retain some shreds of dignity in this awful waste of brain power.

I am attempting to read a book called "The case for a creator" by Lee Strobel and from the getgo it is a blatant attempt to sell the idea that I am sure will ultimately fail from a factual point. There are many dull and some false science papers but by and large they deal in facts and are not peddling snake oil. Lee Strobel comes across as someone who knows he speaks with forked tongue but he is going to sell it anyway. After all who said humans need to tell the truth to others? Its only to ourselves and our vested groups that we want to know reality.