Posted: Jun 07, 2014 10:25 pm
by Bob@RealScienceRadio
Oldskeptic wrote:The Greatest Show on Earth was about providing comprehensive evidence for the theory of evolution... For anyone to think that Dawkins' argument hinges on any one thing... is absurd... It's like cackling about a graceful dancer stubbing a toe...

Speaking of cackling. Interestingly (at least to me) Oldskeptic, is that in his trailer for his book, Dawkins admitted something about his previous books and thereby confirmed an assessment of them that I had made on television back in 1997. Conservatively estimating, what would you say, 99.97% of evolutionists would have disagreed with my assessment back then? And even now, when Dawkins himself admits that his previous books were not presenting evidence for evolution, but only assumed evolution to be true, I find that, given their zero concession policy, many evolutionists still cackle over even this, mock me, and insist even still to this day that we creationists were wrong in our assessment of Dawkins' previous books.


Oldskeptic wrote:For anyone to think that Dawkins' argument hinges on any one thing that he considers evidence is absurd. He provides almost 500 pages of hard evidence...

Agreed: When there are multiple lines of evidence offered to support a proposition, the failure of one does not decide the issue. But 500 pages of evidence one way or another, that bulk still comes down to individual pieces of evidence, and a lot of those specifics have faded over the last years and decades:
- junk dna
- plica semilunaris
- backward wiring
- horse evolution
- protein sequencing would reinforce anatomical cladograms
- diversity of life can be described as changes in the frequency of alleles
- evo-devo
- vestigial organs
- genetic sequencing would reinforce Darwin's tree

Hey Oldskeptic, you're not too old, because as long as there's life, there's hope.

- Bob Enyart