Posted: Jun 07, 2014 10:46 pm
by Bob@RealScienceRadio
Panderos wrote:... I guess it just sits along side the problem of evil - why would God let it be that way...

Hello Panderos. I believe that the answer to the "problem" of evil is love. For there to be love, hatred must be possible. Why? Because love must be freely given. When a woman gives herself to her bridegroom, the wonder of it all is that she didn't have to, but could have devoted her life to another; yet she gave herself to him. No man can force a woman to love him; and of course the one who tries is a sick man. There is suffering because there is freedom. We can love or hate God, and love or hate ourselves, and love or hate one another. And yes, God could theoretically put all children in bubbles to protect them from the destructiveness of their parents. But then he would be hurting those kids. Because they too would grow up to become parents, but in an unnatural world where the self-destructive behavior of adults did not hurt kids. And so, lacking the constraint that comes from not wanting to undermine the well-being of your own children, those bubble kids would become adults living even more destructive lives than millions do currently, even though today, with reality as it is, their drunkenness, laziness, perversion, gluttony, lust, violence, etc., can have devastating effects on even their own children.

The answer to the problem of evil Panderos, in various ways, is love.

- Bob Enyart