Posted: Jun 18, 2014 11:37 am
by kennyc
THWOTH wrote:As is often the case, the argument appears to be essentially one against science and scientists. So it goes... So it goes.

I often wonder if those who argue against science on the internet ever stop to think about how science works, how knowledge progresses, and how the architecture of our cultural landscape develops and changes over time as a direct consequence of scientific endeavour.

Often they have a pet theory that goes against the grain or has been disproven (Sheldrake) or they have beliefs which run counter to established science and they think that if they can just destroy the piece of the science/scientific method that is defeating them they will be seen as correct, genius, worthy.

Some actually do understand science and the scientific method but choose to ignore it by creating excuses to mask their nonsense.

But those (usually wannabes) that post on forums such as this are often ignorant of the full understanding of science. And even when explained they choose to ignore it.