Posted: Jun 24, 2014 10:20 pm
by halucigenia
DavidMcC wrote:...

"turned out to be a lucky break for the vertebrates" does not equate to good design!

"It's a pity that my original posts in are lost" they are not lost, and I did see them the first time around which is why I have previously commented that you seem to have a bee in your bonnet about this.

Re- "facing the wrong way", I do agree that this is badly phrased, it should be "wired the wrong way"

I still maintain that you were making up the comment about “one extra step to turn the retinae inside out” and the progression of mollusk to vertibrate eyes. The simulation as posted by Animavore above in no way shows 'steps that are all mollusk eyes apart from the last one', as you state yourself, this can't be discerned because of the "vagueness of the diagrams".
You have completely failed to back up these assertions. :naughty:

That "self repairing circuits" link does nothing for your argument regarding requiring that the wiring be on top, in a traditional circuit board repair can be achieved by re-soldering from the top, however, the wiring is often still below the surface of the board often in multiple layers hence the term multi-layer board and is not analogous to the CCD devices used for imaging technologies anyway.

(I am sure that I have been through this before with you as well, maybe it was on the old site). Meh...