Posted: Jun 28, 2014 9:03 am
by Jayjay4547
The_Metatron wrote:I would pay great sums to see you defend yourself against a big cat with any handheld weapon that you can make yourself.

Great sums.

I recommend smoothing whatever you make very well though, so it doesn't hurt so much when a big cat shoves it up your ass before biting off your head.

How is a big cat going to shove a stick up my ass? Align the stick with its paw while holding the butt in its teeth? How is it going to get behind me so as to stick it up my ass? Does it do this difficult and task reguiring accuracy habitually? Nope, the visualisation just doesn't work. You are just using this scenario as an excuse to express extreme personal animosity. It's people like you who have given internet discussions a bad name. And you are a moderator on this forum? Good Grief.