Posted: Jun 30, 2014 8:27 am
by Calilasseia
JayJay, your "atheist ideology" bollocks is not only bollocks, bollocks that has been flushed down the toilet again and again, not only boring bollocks to boot, but because you've been schooled again and again why it's bollocks, it's now dishonest and duplicitous bollocks as well.

Once again, what part of "NOT treating unsupported assertions as fact is NOT a fucking ideology" do you either not understand, or wilfully refuse to understand for duplicitous apologetic purposes?

The only two possible reasons for you continuing to post this bollocks, are discoursive incompetence or discoursive duplicity, and many here are doubtless suspecting the latter, given how many times you've been schooled on this.

Now, are you going to cease and desist from posting this bollocks? Because the rest of us are bored shitless with your endless resurrection of this bollocks. Bollocks that is not only plain, flat wrong, but is so fulminatingly discoursively diseased bollocks, that it should have died from the ideological syphilis it was infected with long ago.