Posted: Jul 09, 2014 1:44 am
by hackenslash
Incidentally, since I wa suspended while this thread was progressing, and Bob was banned prior to my return, I've challenged him to a live debate on air.

Hi Bob

I'm a member at who posted some questions and challenges, but I was suspended before you had a chance to respond, and you were banned as a troll before I could get back on to press further. I know you like the live, off-the-cuff debate, and wondered if you fancied taking me on.

I'm pretty well versed in evolutionary theory, although physics, specifically cosmology, is my real area of interest. I could do this live via Skype (or some other suitable internet medium), and I think you'd find me much more challenging than others you may have debated on air, including the celebrated professional scientists you've been eviscerated by, but since you have utterly failed to notice your guts on your shoes (those aren't purple shoelaces), I suspect that you haven't the wherewithal to be worried about this.

I can do this pretty much any time, though I'm in the UK, so time differences will have to be accounted for.

Up for it?


Possibly a bit confrontational, but if I'm not that, what am I?

I'll let you know if he responds.