Posted: Jul 24, 2014 1:14 pm
by Animavore
ElDiablo wrote:
Jayjay4547 wrote:
The full horror of Nazism was played out against the Jews but the Nazis acted with amoral brutality almost wherever they set foot, which was over most of Europe. The Christian virtues of gentleness and mercy had no role in their polity. They considered themselves as the New Men, freed from the moral halters of superstitious Jew-instigated religion. This wasn’t something that happened 500 years ago but within the lifetimes of people still living today.

It's hard to read jayjay's post because its unsupported speculation strongly laced with ideology.
Is jayjay really trying to make the claim that because Hitler acted unchristian-like and suppressed churches that he is therefore an atheist?
Is that the crux of his whole atheist ideology slander against science, that it doesn't take into consideration divine intervention therefore science has a bias?

The Nazis tried to create a form of Christianity called "positive Christianity" [Positives Christentum]. A form of Christianity which separates Jesus from his Jewsih bakground (rejecting the Old Testanment) and tries to cast him as an Aryan man fighting the Jews.
Yes, they tried to suppress other forms of Christianity which didn't comply with this view, but that doesn't mean they were atheists. Far from it.

Alfred Rosenberg, editor of Völkischer Beobachter, wrote The Myth of the Twentieth Century, in which he argued that the Catholic and Protestant churches had distorted Christianity in such a way that the "heroic" and "Germanic" aspects of Jesus's life had been ignored. For Rosenberg, positive Christianity was a transitional ideology that would pave the way to build a new fully racialist faith. Instead of the cross, its symbol was the orb of the sun in the form of a sun cross and in principle it was the elevation of the Nordic race, a rejection of divine revelation, and the promotion of a German god. For Rosenberg the Aryan-Nordic race was divine, and god was in the blood and its culture was the kingdom of heaven, in contrast the Jewish race was evil and it was a satanic counter race against the divine Aryan-Nordic race. Adolf Hitler approved of the work, but distanced himself from Rosenberg's more radical ideas, wishing to retain the support of the conservative Christian electorate and social elite, but he emphasized the desirability of positive Christianity.

I've already mentioned this a couple of pages back. It is very difficult to argue the Nazis were atheists.