Posted: Jul 24, 2014 1:37 pm
by Animavore
He can ignore it all he wants, but the Nazis had all types of weird, mystical beliefs. They thought that the Aryans came from Atlantis from where they spread out into India and Persia and created Vedic Hinduism and Zorastrianism. They were supposedly 'pure' and 'untainted' by the blood of sub-human, inferior races. This is all religious language. What the fuck does 'purity' even mean to an atheist?
Sure they tried to use some "racial science" to back up their beliefs, but let's face it, "racial science" is as shaky as "creation science" in that it puts its conclusions before the inquiry and ignores anything that contradicts it. The certainly didn't use any actual science and their science was not corrupted by atheism. Quite the opposite.