Posted: Jul 24, 2014 3:29 pm
by Animavore
We can talk about pure water as being water which is 100% H2O, but to talk about 'pure blood' in the sense that a person is supposedly 100% white and of European origin, or whatever race you choose, makes no sense to anyone who understands evolution.
'Blood' in this context is used in a completely metaphysical way. Sometimes we talk about people having 'blue' or 'royal' blood if they are decendants of a Royal family, as if 'regality' were a property of the blood, and this blood somehow separates them from those with 'common' blood. Of course the blood is more or less the same and is most likely going to be one of the six main blood groups. You're not going to find any physical difference.
Same with the idea of white purity. It's as if they believed that 'whiteness' was something that had holy properties which could be desecrated by outside influence. The whole thing smacks of magical thinking. It's no different to the belief that we can carry sins of our fathers, or a curse of Adam, within our blood, as if these things have a life of their own that haunts our haemoglobin.