Posted: Dec 20, 2014 3:26 pm
by Rumraket
BooBoo wrote:In a talk in South Korea, Michael Behe has admitted doing a "victory dance" in his office based on new evidence that he claims supports his ID contentions:

1. Chloroquine resistance does indeed require exceptionally rare, simultaneous, mutations (the edge of evolution):

This is Behe's original and wrong claim. Simultaneity is not required, and probably not how CCC evolves.

Also, the result cannot be extended to the general evolution of extant biodiversity. In Behe's view, almost any and all mutational change is deleterious and/or lethal, so to him it looks miraculous that we have so many organisms that work so well, with such huge genomes that evolved through so many mutations. He is trying to extend this chloroquine resistance case to the rest of life and say that, see if this single thing requires two improbable mutations to happen simultaneously, and everything else leads to death and extinction, the fact that we exist must be a miracle because evolution cannot have done this, it would be too improbable.

He would be right if in fact everything else, like in this particular case of chloroquine resistance in malaria, leads to death and extinction. But it does not, so he isn't. His extrapolation is unwarranted, and his original claim of SIMULTANEITY (not just specific order, SIMULTANEITY) is also false.