Posted: Dec 21, 2014 11:12 am
by WayOfTheDodo
BooBoo wrote:The paper also admits

Why are you using the word "admits"?

What Behe has long argued is that a single mutation, on its own, is going to be harmful and so will be actively selected against.

How harmful, and are all harmful mutations selected against immediately (or can it happen across several generations)?

By the way:

2. Mechanical gears are found in grasshoppers:

3. Fiber optics are found in the eye: ... s5319.html

So humans designed grasshoppers and eyes? Since mechanical gears and fiber optics are human creations, I mean... Nice argument. So you and Behe believe that we regular humans are in fact God since we humans apparently designed all life.

Awesome! Gotta love creationist logic.