Posted: Dec 22, 2014 4:16 pm
by Rumraket
Shrunk wrote:Yeah, but cancerous tumours are evil, so obviously they will be produced by EVILution. Nice things, however, can only be designed by God. Like, um, malaria .

Also, tumors and cancers are diseases, so it's not evolution, it's devilusion. Sorry, I meant Devil illusion. Devil, devo, devolution! See, it's all a satanic hoax.

Loss of function. No new information. Disease. Dead end. etc. etc. Time to bring in all the usual talking points. This handy little guide will help you how to become a superb ID proponent by educating you on how to interpret what you read about evolution from non-ID/creationist sources.

It will also help you understand how creationists think when they read evolution-related material.

Normal word - Cdesign proponentsist interpretation:

Rare = never ever.
Ulikely/improbable = impossible.
Likely = rare/baseless guess.
Theory = guess/baseless faith.
Guess = biased wish/atheo-materialistic faith.
We don't know = and you never will, therefore god!
Not fully understood = not at all understood, impossible to understand, magic/miracles required.
Unexpected result = all naturalistic explanations ever have been falsified.
Neutral mutation = not beneficial, therefore impossiblee/doesn't exist, cannot be fixed.
Natural selection = Orthodox neo-Darwinistic "party line".
It has a chance of one in 10^16 = It has a chance of one in 10^77
Maybe = biased guess (see: Guess).
Could have = couldn't and didn't (see: Guess).
Beneficial mutation = loss of function/tradeoff and/or loss of information.
New function = loss of information/information was already there.
New information = no new function.
New information and function = still belongs to the same class of enzymes (ex. hydrolases), so not really new.
Improved function = no new information, ability was already there.
Mutation = destroys information, always degrades. Guided by god, not random.
Millions of years = ad hoc excuse invented to explain why we don't see 20 million year macroevolutionary change in a few months of experimental evolution.
Took billions of years = same excuse as above, just worse.
Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction = *crickets*
Molecular phylogeny = phyloschmylo, it's more Darwinist math-tricks.
Observation/experiment = hoax and/or only creationists properly understand the result.
Demonstration = hoax.
Statistics = Wat?
Statistically significant = Nyah nyah! Darwinist math-tricks.
Complex = impossible to evolve, must be designed.
Complicated = Impossible to understand.
Complexity = praise the lord!
Information = immaterial soul-stuff that refutes materialism and all naturalistic expanations ever.
Quantum = immaterial soul-stuff that refutes materialism and all naturalistic expanations ever. Cannot possibly evolve.
Experiment shows how mutations can... = It's still just a bacterium/fruitfly/dog-kind.
Ape = monkey
monkey = ape
evolutionist = ape-monkey
homosexuality = bestiality and rape by ape-monkeys.
evolution = materialism/naturalism/scientism/darwinism/chance/fair coin/abortion/euthanasia/racism and genocide.
darwinism = materialist religious faith.