Posted: Jan 26, 2015 5:01 pm
by surreptitious57
TopCat wrote:
to have something like this on your Department web site is jawdropping

That is very embarrassing indeed. I can understand non scientists not accepting Evolution but any scientist that
thinks it is false just staggers belief. Since it most definitely has got nothing at all to do with a lack of evidence

There is this meme that is dominant in America but we have it over here as well and it is that the controversy must be taught And that the alternatives to Evolution must be given equal preference in the classroom. And we have Peter Hitchens going on about why Michael Behe is not allowed to have his views treated with any respect by the scientific community. And instead is dismissed simply for thinking differently. For someone as intelligent as him to suggest that is complete nonsense. We can not have people like Behe discrediting something which is scientific fact for ulterior motive

Christian academies in this country are actually teaching Creationism and there is nothing in law to stop them from doing so And we also have Creationist zoos over here for the love of God. All this needs to stop and stop now. And instead every child irrespective of what ever type of school that they attend should be taught about Evolution. And that any alternatives should be referenced as religious belief and not scientific fact