Posted: Aug 24, 2015 4:30 pm
by Shrunk
THWOTH wrote:The disingenuousness is strong in the Discovery Institute... wrote:It's a policy here to deal charitably and give critics the benefit of the doubt, as far as we can do so. Notably, when opponents repeatedly say things they should know by now to be untrue, having been corrected on them multiple times, we prefer to call that a "misunderstanding," a "failure to grasp the truth of the matter," an "error," "goof," or "blunder," not a lie. We like to say it's a result of their being na├»ve, deluded, uninformed, not dishonest. ... 96271.html

Well, that's very nice of them. However, to say the words and actions of the DI do not demonstrate dishonesty on their part when all evidence points to the opposite conclusion would be, well, dishonest.